Empower each store’s greatest asset: its people.

Today’s shoppers demand a great in-store experience. In fact, 78% of shoppers rank sales associate product knowledge as their #1 top desire when shopping in stores. 60% of millennials and Gen Z say that interacting with knowledgeable sales staff can solidify their purchasing decisions. Training programs to enhance associate education are a must for every store and every brand selling their products in those stores. That’s because, as you know, sales associates are the front line and the face of retail. They have the power to make or break the sale with potential customers.

You need to ensure that any associate selling your products is informed, empowered, inspired and incentivized. Our data shows that retail associates with even a basic level of knowledge about your brand and products can make a vast difference in increasing sales. Stores sell more products when they have a higher percentage of well-informed associates. That’s a fact, not an opinion.

Store Associate Training






Store Associate Training Benefits

Boost weekly sales by up to 40%.

ThirdChannel mixes and matches passionate Brand Reps with future-state retail tech that’s designed to visualize, track, monitor and analyze a store’s environment. Our Brand Reps on the ground are trained to familiarize themselves with every store your products are sold in so they can report back insights, tips and recommendations on how to best spread the love of your brand among sales associates and customers.

Store Associate Training

Nobody brought the digital platform that ThirdChannel brought and nobody let us be part of the hiring process of the Brand Representatives like ThirdChannel does.

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