Field Merchandising & Inventory

Your brand executed flawlessly across the board. All the time.

For the first time ever, ThirdChannel technology gives you real-time visibility into all of your stores at once. Combine that with data captured by your field teams—along with other relevant data sources—and you’ll discover optimization opportunities per store in a whole new way. That once impossible vision you’ve always had for a consistent brand presence across a multitude of store locations is now possible. Welcome to the not-so-distant future of merchandising.

Merchandising & Inventory Benefits

A streamlined experience. Across all stores.

Inventory accuracy runs around 50%-60% for many retailers mostly because systems and data are not updated quickly enough. The takeaway is that you are missing sales. ThirdChannel Merchandising goes beyond solving the visibility issue, inventory replacement and restocking low shelves. It also monitors, analyzes and directs your field team to constant optimization opportunities across all aspects of your in-store merchandising. It also measures sales performance across stores and how each one is impacted by:

  • Product placement near similarly priced items
  • Display locations and types 
  • Timing of display resets
  • Number of unique SKUs on the floor vs. backstock
  • Inventory turn velocity and product placement
  • Compliance with Planograms
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Why ThirdChannel

People + Tech = Real-time fixes.

If any optimization opportunities and in-store fixes pop up, real-time alerts let you oversee displays, ensure all product backstock is moved to the floor and solve any low inventory situations as they arise. What’s even better is being able to collaborate with your field reps—who also have access to live activity feeds and reporting thanks to the tech in their hands—allowing them to solve any issues that arise.

Live Activity Feed provides you with a continuous merchandising and inventory data breakdown to ensure a streamlined brand presence across the board.
Inventory Management Inventory Management helps ensure all product backstock is moved to the sales floor and flags low inventory situations.
Chat and Comment are social media-style collaboration tools that keep you and your reps on the same page at all times.


Merchandising & Inventory

It’s incredibly challenging to get the assortment right in the door, then to have the right marketing materials to support the sell through at scale, in so many different sport verticals, and get it into all the doors at scale in under 30 days.

Key Account Manager, Oakley
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