150,000+ Field Agents nationwide. At your service.

Much like tapping a button on your phone, and being instantly matched to a nearby driver who simplifies your life by coming to pick you up, or a dating app, where you’re only matched up to relevant matches who align with you and your lifestyle, ThirdChannel gives you and your brand rapid access to our unmatched network of 150,000+ Field Agents who are all enormously passionate, dedicated, talented, engaged, vetted—and exclusive to your brand. It’s that kind of simplicity. In fact, it almost feels like magic—but it’s just futuristic proprietary brand/Field Agent matchmaking technology. 

All vetted and segmented by industries, passions, lifestyles, etc., we carefully and strategically match these sales superstars to your brand. Once matched, our agents, who work exclusively for you, help you bring your brand and products to life in a way that captivates and educates customers and sales associates, and accelerates sales. Oh, forgot to mention the best part. You’ll be up and running in less than 4 weeks.







Field Agent Network Benefits

Whether you need 1 Field Agent or 1,000+.

Just when you think the majority of shopping has gone mobile: 90% of transactions are still in-store. Online shopping is no doubt convenient, but the desire to touch, feel and experience products and authentic experiences before making a purchase is consistent.

ThirdChannel matches you up with exactly what and who you need, and also offers additional services and support as your business transforms. With familiar, social-media-like, cloud-based tech in their hands—and love for your brand in their hearts—our matched network of brand-aligned agents become your very own. Our exclusive pros who work solely for you take your retail experience and in-store sales to the next stratosphere.

Agent 01 Agent 02 Agent 03 Agent 04 Agent 05

A match made in a futuristic retail heaven.

Matched on their expertise, availability, geography, brand fit and passion, your dedicated agents are empowered to:

  • Merchandise, build out displays and manage inventory
  • Sell your brand and products
  • Demo your products to consumers
  • Coach store associates
  • Report findings in real-time
  • Relay valuable intel you wouldn’t normally have easy access to
  • Resolve in-store issues

How It Works

We’ve made finding that one-in-a-million easy.

Of course you’re wanting to know our secret—how do we do it? How are we able to match Field Agents up with brands so perfectly? Well, it’s not such a huge secret. And no, it’s not magic either—just seems like it.

Our Field Agents are already eating, sleeping, breathing and dreaming about your industry, vertical, category and products long before they even become a candidate to work for you. You’ll be able to see just by glancing at their Instagram profiles—they embody the spirit of your brand. That’s who we’re looking for.

Step 1
Target Persona. We examine the essence of your brand—an exploration of its purpose, products, people and your plan to dominate.
Step 2
ThirdChannel Platform Matching Algorithm. We begin bringing your business objectives to life by matching your brand up with vetted Field Agents who align perfectly with your brand purpose.
Step 3
Suggested Matches Generated. A rolodex of thousands of relevant reps becomes a shorter list based on factors such as social influence, geography, availability, lifestyle, education and experience.

It’s kind of like Uber meets Match.com because we manage it all on our end—only better because they’re excited to meet you from the get-go, because an online date isn’t going to spend every day passionately helping you exceed your sales goals—and because they show up 100% of the time. Voilà!

Step 5
2% Matched! Once they pass our test to ensure they’re truly the best for your brand—then they become yours. Yes, all yours.
Step 4
New Background Check and Validation Interview. A short list becomes an even shorter list of near-perfect matches. We then conduct background checks and interviews.

We needed to be sure our brand was represented the way we wanted and that there was continuity of presence at retail.  We needed help with our launches and we couldn’t be in all places at once. ThirdChannel Agents are more like brand ambassadors that are within the demographic; not just a merchandiser.

Senior Manager, ASICS
Multinational Footwear and Sports Equipment Brand

Nobody brought the digital platform that ThirdChannel brought and nobody let us be part of the hiring process of the Brand Ambassadors like ThirdChannel does.

Brand Manager, 4moms
Technology Enabled Baby Gear Brand