Are Microsoft’s Cashierless Checkout Plans a Good Idea?


Retail Info Systems Newsby Tim Denman

As Amazon continues to scale its cashierless store concept, many solution providers are developing similar technology to capitalize on and advance the new shopping craze. Instead of being intimidated by companies like Amazon and Microsoft putting a stake in the ground in physical retail, consumer brands and retailers must appreciate the constant evolution of consumer behavior, and carefully craft in-store strategy.

Microsoft pursues checkout-free retail system


Store Brands

Consumers today are looking for a seamless experience, as evidenced by phenomena like Amazon Go’s checkout-free stores, and now the automated store technology that Microsoft is working on. Brands and retailers need to recognize what this means about the industry and today’s consumers, and to rethink store formats and processes accordingly. 

Hudson’s Bay to Close 10 Lord & Taylor Stores As Losses Grow


Multichannel Merchant by Daniela Forte

Retailers and brands “need to take a magnifying glass” to examine their in-store experience in light of these and other store closings. The industry is undergoing rapid transformation at the hands of changing consumer preferences. And it makes sense considering that millennials and Gen Z now make up as much as 60% of the buying population and have much different expectations than the generations that came before.

Brands Need to Step Up In Stores


Consumer Goods TechnologyBy Gina Ashe

Brands need real-time tools that give them visibility into store-level execution so they can make in-flight corrections to fix issues. Trained and invested store associates are also crucial to helping brands achieve this. Rather than relying on retailers to champion their products, brands need to invest in their own field teams to improve the in-store experience.

Macy's tries to reinvent experience with Story



by Jacqueline Renfrow 

Earlier in the week, Macy's announced the purchase of Story, a New York City retailer with a rotating selection of themed products. The idea of a heightened in-store experience might be just what the traditional department store chain needs to breathe new life into the physical store. 

Taking on the role of storyteller, Story changes the gallery and the products it sells every few months, luring shoppers back for more.